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Tailored analytical plans

Brew products to target

Base tough business decisions on hard data

Keep costs low

Outsource your lab needs and grow volumes instead

Improve efficiency on raw materials and fermentation

Keep customers loyal

Avoid spoilage and off-flavours that turn off good customers

Continually improve your processes to grow your business

How it works

Get started with a complimentary sample analysis or consultation.
Prepare your samples for pickup or shipment to our lab for analysis.
After analysis, we send you a report with findings and recommendations.
Our process is iterative: long-term trending will optimize your products.

Choose a quality plan that fits your facility and budget

Any size, any distribution range: your tailored program will
pay itself back over and over

Chemistry & Sensory

  • Remain legally compliant
  • Set and nail your targets
  • Build loyalty through consistency


  • Avoid recalls and product dumps
  • Avoid off-flavours and ensure shelf stability

Product Development & Process Consulting

  • Get your recipes right and accelerate the path to market
  • Audit your processes to improve efficiency & quality
  • Get nutritional facts tables

No matter your size or quality concerns, we can help. Get started now with a complimentary sample analysis.

Trust your craft with RAFT

Our clients are among the top-quality producers across Western Canada:

"We love the peace of mind we receive from having rigorous tests performed on our beers. Raft conducts far more tests than we ever could ourselves."
- Dr. Michael Kuzyk, Owner, Category 12 Brewing
"Raft has always been great at meeting and exceeding our expectations. They continually give us peace of mind that we are producing and distributing a high quality product. We are looking forward to continually working with Euan and the Raft team as we continue to expand across Canada."
- Logan Derksen, Owner, Simply Cocktails
"We love Raft! After inviting them in to help us with a few things, they were able to identify, diagnose, and solve our major QC issues within their first handful of visits. They bring a ton of knowledge and experience to the table and we are a stronger company and we produce a better product now because of the service they provide."
- Blake Belding, Co-Founder, Cold Garden Beverage Co.
"Uncommon has worked with multiple lab companies in Western Canada and by far our best relationship and results have come from Raft. They have been instrumental in helping us build clear metrics to ensure we are making consistent, shelf stable products that we can stand behind whether in can, bottle or keg. Euan is an open and intelligent human who's not afraid to work with people outside the beer industry. He is enthusiastic to work on exciting research projects that could yield new directions for the cider industry. I highly recommend Raft for any analytical work as well as bringing Euan and his team in for palate training and tasting panels."
- Brodie Thomas, Owner, Uncommon Cider
"Euan and Raft were integral to helping us identify and resolve a sporadic wild yeast contamination in our beer. Without their expertise, it would have taken us months, instead of weeks, to isolate the contamination to a single piece of equipment, which could easily have affected our performance in the market and at beer awards this year."
- Tyler Rose, Head Brewer, Common Crown Brewing Co. (Canadian Brewery of the Year, 2020)
"Wild Tea Kombucha began working with Raft early in 2020 and from the outset Euan and his team have been a true pleasure to work with. They are communicative, responsive and appreciate that time is of the essence. We have worked with larger lab companies, but Raft truly cares about each and every client, and has been instrumental in helping us solidify processes and put systems in place to address all of our needs. They were willing to step out of the beer world and into wild ferments, and we so appreciate all they have done for us - WTK would not hesitate to highly recommend them to anyone, anywhere, anytime!!"
- Brigette Freel, Co-Founder and COO, Wild Tea Kombucha
"Raft helps us maintain a very high quality standard, usually only achievable in-house with a large capital outlay and increased staff."
- Jonas Hurtig, Co-Founder and Head Brewer, Cabin Brewing Co. (Alberta Brewery of the Year, 2020)
"Euan’s knowledge and experience in the brewing industry has been a major factor in our success with Raft, but also in our developing a strong relationship built on candor, knowledge, and experience. There is not a problem that I can ask Euan about that he will not have useful insight on how to solve. I recommend Raft to any brewery, whether you are looking to solve pressing issues, or you want to make a good product even better."
- James Coupland, Quality Manager, Fort Garry Brewing
"Raft Brew Labs has profoundly changed the operations of our brewery by providing testing and baseline parameters for our beers, as well as microbial control. The quality and consistency of our beer has improved dramatically in just a few short months. In addition to providing excellent data Raft also plays an active role in interpretation and implementation of their quality analysis which would not be comparable to any QA program that our business could self-implement, and it's done at a fraction of the cost. Every craft beer brew scene should have access to a company like this."
- Andrew Bullied, Co-Founder and Brewmaster, Annex Ale Project (Top 50 New Breweries in North America, 2018)
"Railyard was considering developing a full-scale lab and tackling its own in-house quality testing and analytics program. But after careful evaluation, we decided to use Raft Brew Labs for all our quality analysis needs. With the help of Raft, we’ve been able to make rapid changes to improve product quality. They were able to perform tests that would have been too costly for Railyard to implement on our own … Euan, Christine, and Peter have been amazing to work with! Their professionalism, expertise, attention to detail, and amazing customer service are the BEST! Thank you for everything Raft Brew Labs team!!! Jen is now running Wild Winds Brewing in Pincher Creek :)"
- Jen Rogers, [Former] Production Manager, Railyard Brewing

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